Anytime Towing is located in the beautiful town of Traverse City, Michigan.

We have been serving the community for over five years and have a reputation for being quick, efficient, and friendly. At Anytime Towing, we know that our business rests on the shoulders of you, our loyal customers. Our experienced staff will put your needs first; making sure that both you, and your car, are completely satisfied.

Not only do we rely on our customers, we empathize with them. Everyone, at some point, has locked their keys in their car, run out of gas, blown a tire, etc… including us. We know the resulting feelings of frustration, stress, and embarrassment all too well. Anytime Towing is here to replace those feelings with a calm satisfaction. You’re not alone, we’re just a phone call away.

Our friends in local law enforcement know our reputation for fast, friendly, and reliable service. They often rely on us after accidents or when vehicles are stuck by the side of the road. They even delegate some minor emergencies, such as lockouts and dead batteries, to us. If you're ever in trouble, be sure to request Anytime Towing.